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Suck It Up, Princess.


Don’t expect anything from anyone. That’s how you don’t get hurt.


you ever wanna fuck the living shit outta somebody but also cook for them and make sure they’re emotionally stable?

Being honest…

I used to feel like guys were sorta like disposable razors. (This is the easiest way I know how to explain it so bare with me.) If the damn razor kept missing that one line of hair on your leg or face, then you threw it away and picked a newer, sharper one out of the package. Before, I would act like if there were too many things wrong with a guy then I needed to move on and find a better one. My friends would say that I dismissed guys way too quickly but I thought, “Well if I don’t really like everything about the guy, why should I stick with him?” Now I fully understand that nobody is perfect and I have never expected anyone to be perfect… But what happens when there are things wrong with a guy but you still think he’s the perfect guy? This is the way I feel about B. B has a past that isn’t the best a girl could hope for and he still has a few things about him that can drive a girl insane. We can be sitting in a restaurant and he’ll throw pieces of napkin or straw wrappers at me but I laugh anyway. We can be in the middle of a passionate kiss and he’ll stick his tongue halfway down my throat but I laugh and keep kissing him. He drives with his knees and NEVER uses his blinker to switch lanes but I still hold his hand and kiss him on the cheek while he’s watching the road. The middle seat in his truck makes my ass feel like Jell-o but I sit in it every time just to be that much closer to him. Before B, I was looking for a guy that made money and that I would hardy get to see (so I wouldn’t have to deal with him and he could just buy me gifts). I also wanted a country guy with a nice truck that would fall for me. It seems like I’ve gotten everything I’ve been asking for with B… except for one little thing. I think I might actually be falling for him. He’s so nice and so sweet and it’s like… I don’t know. Like I can tell he actually really likes me and I feel (so far) like he wouldn’t do anything to mess that up. This isn’t normal AT ALL for me to have feelings for a guy like this. As I said before, I just wanted someone to spoil me that I would only have to see maybe once a month. B has a job where he’s gone two and three weeks at a time but I actually don’t like it. I miss the fuck out of him every time he’s gone. I don’t know what he did but he got me good. There’s only been two people in my short life that I’ve actually been able to see spending my life with: one was the ex and now it’s B. It scares me so much to think that this could end up as badly as things did with the ex. I don’t want that to ever happen but I just need to keep my guard up and look at all possibilities, right? I like him and all but I’m scared to fall for him and I hope I don’t screw this up by being scared.

If you think she’s better than me, then you got what you deserved.

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"If you want me,
You need to show me.
If I push you away,
please just push back,
and declare me as your own.
Because I’ve spent my whole life being unwanted,
And I need to be shown that I’m wanted.
I’m scared,
So show me I don’t need to be.
And I will be yours."

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you’re the window to my wall

you’re the sweat that drips down my balls


The Long Way


The Long Way

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I actually can’t cope with this

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arent parents supposed to not make you feel like shit 

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why was girl at school walking around with a goddamn starbucks cup wtf

and i’m not saying that bc “ughhhh girls and their starbucks”

but like

there are no starbucks in this country…. the closest one is 220 miles away

so…. did she come back from the one…